Wall Cladding

  • Brand: Wallpro
  • Category: Commercial
  • Type: Homogeneous Impact Resisitance , Anti Microbial/ Fungical
  • Thickness:1.00 mm
  • Sheet Dimension:1.5 Mtr X 20 Mtr
  • Recommended Area Of Usage:  Restaurant, Kitchens, School, Dispensaries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Hospitals, Healthcare, Pathology Labs, Blood Banks, Pharmacy Clean Rooms, Sterile Area
wall cladding in south africa

Wallpro is Antibacterial / Antifungal , flexible impact resistant wall cladding and is highly recommended for hospitals/clean rooms / pharmaceutical industry. The recurring problem of chipping /peeling off of paints is a challenge for the healthcare industry . Wallpro has become immensely popular in healthcare industry due to its ease of application , cost effectiveness and low maintenance

Salient Features:

  • Homogeneous , hard wearing
  • Anti-microbial / fungicidal.
  • Ease of integrated with the floor with thermal welding for maintaining clean room conditions.
  • Anti dirt surface with PUR minimizes scratches , stains and maintenance
  • Easy to clean and available in cool pastel shades.