Anti-Skid Transport Flooring With Silicon Carbide

  • Brand: Safety
  • Category: Commercial
  • Type: Slip Resistant
  • Thickness:1.50 mm to 3.00 mm
  • Roll Dimension:2 Mtr X 15 Mtr
  • Recommended Area Of Usage: Buses, Coaches, Trains, Lifts, Loading Ramps, Walk Ways, Wet Areas Etc.
Transport flooring in south africa

These are special transport flooring embedded with Silicon Carbide ( CARBORUNDUM) grains on the top surface which provide very high slip resistance rating. Due to a superior PVC content and Silicon Carbide Grains, these floorings are able to with stand very high abrasion and are most suitable for areas where there is heavy foot fall & anti-slip properties are required like Buses, Trains, Ramps, Wet Areas, etc. TRACTION safety floorings are normally produced with a smooth surface finish, however for enhanced slip resistance they are produced with an embossed surface finish from our “Matrix “ range. For aesthetic properties these transport  floorings are also embedded with multi coloured Polymer chips.

Salient Features:

  • Produced as per ISO requirements and with Fire & Smoke emission requirements which are most important for the transport industry.
  • Product is “T “ rated due to it very high abrasion resistance properties.
  • Slip Resistance of R11 or R12 can be achieved depending upon the top embossing selected.
  • Available in Plain colours or with Multi Coloured Chips
  • Also Available with Glass Scrim Reinforcement for very high Dimensional Stability.

Available Shade/Design