Hospital Flooring Vinyl

  • Brand: Sigma
  • Category: Commercial
  • Type: Homogeneous, Hard Wearing, Anti Fungicidal/Bacterial, Random Marble Pattern
  • Thickness:2.00 mm
  • Sheet Dimension:1.5 Mtr X 20 Mtr
  • Recommended Area Of Usage:Hospital(Pre & Post Care),Pathology Lab,Clean Rooms, Blood Banks,Pharmaceutical(Sterile And Prodution Area),Food Processing Industries
Health Care Flooring

Sigma is a specialized homogeneous and hospital flooring designed for healthcare / pharma industry keeping in mind the heavy footfalls ,trolley movements . The antimicrobial properties of the floorings are in the complete thickness of the product and not just the top layer which provides a long time protection against fungal & Bacterial growth. The high PVC content makes the floor Fully Flexible and durable over the longer horizon. Sigma hospital flooring and is coated with Polyurethane (PUR), so as to provide above average resistance to scratches, scuff marks, stains, dirt accumulation and also ensures easy cleaning/ mopping.

Salient Features:

  • Homogeneous , hard wearing
  • Random marbled pattern
  • Anti bacterial / fungicidal
  • PUR with Anti dirt surface minimizes scratches , scuff mark , stains and maintenance
  • The flooring can be made seamless by way of thermal welding.


Available Shade/Design