Heavy Duty Flooring

  • Brand:Robust
  • Category:Commercial
  • Type:Heavy Duty Flooring
  • Thickness:1.50 mm, 2.00 mm(3.0 mm Can Be Produced Against Specific Order)
  • Roll Dimension:1.50 Mtr X 20 Mtr; 2.00 Mtr X 15 Mtr
  • Recommended Area Of Usage:Offices, Industries, Schools, Shops, Factories, Auditoriums, Libraries Etc
heavy duty flooring in south africa
  • Robust is a heavy duty fully flexible directional design marbled homogeneous PVC Floor Covering of high quality. This product has a unique marbling pattern all over the thickness. The products adds to the aesthetics of the area where they are installed as it is produced having one base colour and 2 contrast colours used for marbling by a special hot granulation process which is unique in nature.

    Salient Features:

    • They are ‘P” rated and have a slip resistance of R9.
    • The rolls are available in width of upto 2 Mtrs and roll length is normally 15 or 20 meters but can be specified by the customers as well for large orders..
    • The floorings are embossed with “Raindrop” embossing design which enables quick cleaning & easy maintenance.
    • Anti dirt surface with PUR minimizes scratches , stains and maintenance
    • Robust Ultima ( 2.0 mm ) is available with PUR( Polyurethane ) surface protection providing resistance against scratches & dirt accumulation and also ensures quick cleaning/ mopping.



Available Shade/Design