Anti Static Flooring

  • Brand:ESD
  • Category:Commercial
  • Type:Anti Static
  • Thickness:2.00 mm
  • Roll Dimension1.5 Mtr X 20 Mtr; 2 Mtr X 15 Mtr
  • Tile Size:610 mm X 610 mm; 305 mm x 305 mm
  • Electrical Resistance2.5 X 104 To 105
  • Recommended Area Of Usage: Ordinary Factories, Deports, Electronic/ Telecom Equipment Manufactures, Data Centers, Control Room, Research Labs Cat Scan, Mir Centers Etc.
anti static flooring

Antistatic flooring is a three layered calendared product .The construction of the product is a carbon layer sandwiched between two layers of antistatic sheet. The Antistatic flooring provides protection against sudden surge of static voltage and facilitates a low resistance path for dissipation.


Available Shade/Design