Matrix Anti-Slip Embossed Flooring

  • Brand:Embossed
  • Category:Commercial
  • Type:Anti Slip
  • Thickness:0.90 mm to 3.00 mm
  • Roll Width:1.00 Mtrs Or 2.00 Mtrs
  • Roll Length:15 To 25 Linear Meters
  • Recommended Area Of Usage:Loading Ramps, Lifts, Garage Etc.
Anti skid flooring in south africa

The Matrix Embossed Floorings are meant to provide extra GRIP for Safe Movements. These floorings are produced in a wide range of deep embossing designs which provide a surface which enhances slip resistance. Designs like Coin, Chequer Plate, Dew Drops, Hexagon, Daimond, etc are very popular & provide a neat geometrical pattern on the floor.

Salient Features:

  • They are ‘M” or “P” rated depending upon the thickness and have a slip resistance of R10. .
  • Product is suitable for sale in Europe and fire safety approvals have been obtained from European labs.
  • The floorings are embossed with “Raindrop” embossing design which enables quick cleaning & easy maintenance.
  • Custom Colours can be produced as per customer’s preference.


Available Shade/Design